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Castle Hill Show 2011

Our member did us all proud at the Castle Hill Show this year, with ribbons in all categories of Tatting and also achieving success in other crafts including needle lace, crochet, knitting and smocking,

Tatting in April

This month all eyes were on the “Show us your Tats Table” where many of the winning entries from the Castle Hill Show were displayed.

The first 17 photos were taken at the show and include some items other than tatting. All very beautiful.

Congratulations to all the winners!!

Newcastle Show 2011

Lyndel Swan won first prize at the Newcastle Show and also the Showcase of Excellence prize for her Doily.

We are thrilled for Lyndel!


Tatting success at the Blacktown Show 2011

Marilyn has once again taken out the first prize at the Blacktown show.

Congratulations to you Marilyn!!!

Tatting in March

This month we have decided to include “Works in Progress” as well as completed pieces. The completed pieces include some that are destined for the Castle Hill Show in April.

On the  Show us your Tats and  Items other than Tatting table were:-

Marilyn’s bookmark which has already won first prize at the Blacktown Show!!

Judith’s Motif, Coaster and Doily and Vilma’s Bracelet and Clare’s Doily all of which will be entered into the show.

Good Luck to all our members who have entered.

Anne’s bookmark, Judith’s motif, Judith’s scarf, Robyn’s T shirt edging and Sylvia’s beaded tapestry Stitch Scissor Fob

Works in progress,

Lois’s edging, Lyn’s motif, Mabel’s doily, Marie’s edging in 100 thread, Omar’s Firework’s socks from Piecework Magazine, Robin Gilmour’s Cross and Robyn’s edging.

New tatters

Lesley had only been tatting for one month and had three motifs to show and Kiiko only started today and has completed a butterfly!!! Very well done!!!

Tatting in February

February’s “Show us your Tats” Table

Mavis brought in her award winning tapestry stitch sampler to show us….Stunning!!

Rae had some wonderful “Oya” to show us. This as loaned to her and was bought in Turkey.

Sylvia’s Crewel Embroidery.  All ready for exhibition…… Beautiful Sylvia.

Two Snowflakes from Rita.

A donation to the Guild. A woven picot Bookmark from Mavis.

Robyn’s tatted towel edging.

A Doily and Maple Leaf from Omar…Entries for the Castle Hill Show.

The Aeroplane from Omar is the latest “TIAS”  tat it and see….from Jane Eborall   http://janeeborall.blogspot.com/

Tatting in January

Some lovely items on the display table from Rae this month. We have seen quite a lot of Rae’s needle lace. This time it is her Tatting!!

Tatting in December

At the December meeting we celebrated Christmas with a delicious lunch and a Kris Kindle.  All the goodies were supplied by the members including the beautiful tatting in the Santa Bag.

Some wonderful examples of members work was displayed on the  “Show and Tell”  table, including:….  Judith’s bobbin Lace Scarf….. Sylvia’s Embroidery…..Mavis’s 3 shuttle edging…….Sylvia and Georgina’s  Japanese Koma Decorations…..Sylvia’s Teneriffe Lace….Rae’s Christmas Pin Ball…..Rae’s Flower Disc……..Bev’s Christmas  Disc……Vilma’s Bookmark (donation to the guild collection)….Knitted doily purchased by Jenny at an Op Shop!!…. A great find.

Tatting in November

Only a couple of photos this month. Rita is off to England for Christmas and has tatted up these lovelies for her relatives.

Rita's Christmas Tatting

Rita's christmas Tatting

Tatting in October

Some lovely items on the display table in October

Blue Doily, White Doily. Emma’s Decorated box. Guild Table of goodies. Mavis’s Cross and pattern. Three pieces of purchased tatting. Rae’s Lace  1 and 2