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Tatting in March

This month we have decided to include “Works in Progress” as well as completed pieces. The completed pieces include some that are destined for the Castle Hill Show in April.

On the  Show us your Tats and  Items other than Tatting table were:-

Marilyn’s bookmark which has already won first prize at the Blacktown Show!!

Judith’s Motif, Coaster and Doily and Vilma’s Bracelet and Clare’s Doily all of which will be entered into the show.

Good Luck to all our members who have entered.

Anne’s bookmark, Judith’s motif, Judith’s scarf, Robyn’s T shirt edging and Sylvia’s beaded tapestry Stitch Scissor Fob

Works in progress,

Lois’s edging, Lyn’s motif, Mabel’s doily, Marie’s edging in 100 thread, Omar’s Firework’s socks from Piecework Magazine, Robin Gilmour’s Cross and Robyn’s edging.

New tatters

Lesley had only been tatting for one month and had three motifs to show and Kiiko only started today and has completed a butterfly!!! Very well done!!!

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