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Judith's motif for the show

Mission Statement

To promote tatting as a craft throughout Australia and to bring together people interested in lace making; to provide a forum for the exchange of information on tatting; to establish and maintain standards of excellence in the craft of tatting; for personal and public education.


  • Bringing together tatting lace makers and lace enthusiasts, by encouraging them to join the Guild and become aware of the history of tatting in Australia and internationally

Attendees for February 2013 meeting_1

Members Enjoying Tatting


  • Providing information through newsletters, library, and a website which guides people to teaching resources
Beverly's Tree of Life

Bev’s Tree of Life

  • Supplying tatting resources (e.g. cottons, shuttles and crochet hooks) at a discounted rate for members
  • Offering training and support to all members so that they are competent to enter competitions or sell their tatted items commercially
  • Extending the capabilities of all members by enabling them to enter competitions and exchanges and to complete an accreditation course
  • Supporting members so that they have the capabilities to modify or redesign ideas and tatting patterns in order to comply with intellectual property regulations
  • Encouraging the incorporation of tatting into education of younger people as well as mature age students

Rae's decorated CD

Please use our website to:

  • Become inspired about tatting

Mavis’s Tatted Owl

  • Consider external accreditation courses  available
Members had fun interacting with the public in the Castle Hill Show 2013

Members had fun interacting with the public in the Castle Hill Show 2013

  • Consider joining the Guild as a new member
Kris Kringle - Christmas 2011

Kris Kringle – Christmas 2011

  • Find events that you might be interested in participating in

Jenny’s Pin Cushion

  • Find pictures of tatting in the gallery that will inspire you
Mavis's three shuttle edging

Mavis’s three shuttle edging

  • Find examples of our newsletter to keep you in touch with other tatters
St Ives Show 2012 - Open Section - Clare's Choker

St Ives Show 2012 – Open Section – Clare’s Choker

Clare's seahorse

Clare’s seahorse

  • Learn about the history of tatting in Australia
Anne's Needle Lace

Anne’s Needle Lace

  • Look for a branch, group or teacher by sending us an email to info@tattinginaustralia
Members having fun at the show

Judith demonstrating tatting techniques

  • See the types of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Blue doily

Blue doily

We look forward to meeting or hearing from you!   

Bev's decorated CD

Bev’s Decorated CD

March 2013 meeting, Display of Mavis' tatting
Mavis’s tatting display